Priya and Paul at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Brooklyn Anniversary Photographer

I shot this incredibly fun couple at Brooklyn Bridge Park on one of the hottest days in August. They had but one request: to get some ice cream ASAP. And that's always cool with me.

Paul and Priya live in Bushwick together. They are both makers, collectors, and artists and they push each other to learn and ask questions. On our walk, they were constantly playing and laughing and exploring. Paul would stop to tell Priya about different kinds of plants we encountered. Priya found a viewfinder overlooking the East River and they took turns looking through and excitedly telling each other what they were spotting.

When it got crazy hot, Paul pulled out a small cloth from his pocket and Priya instinctively pulled back her hair while he blotted the sweat from her brow. It was such a small gesture, but I'm happy I captured the sweetness of their ritual. I hope the following images do them justice.