Melisa and Doug in Greenwich. Connecticut Anniversary Photographer

Melisa and Doug met me at the Montgomery Pinetum, not far from my place. They asked me to pick the spot because neither of them lives in the area. They live hours away in separate states, but made sure to come together for their two year anniversary. I could tell how grateful they were to be reunited. In one of the more intimate moments of the shoot, I definitely heard them whispering "you're perfect" to each other!

We chatted all through the shoot as we hiked to some ruins that my husband and I had happily discovered the previous week. I learned that they used to work together and Doug pursued Melisa by baking her cookies before asking her on a date. I've been thinking about how sweet that was ever since! We ended the night at the Ginger Man where my husband joined us for drinks. I feel lucky to have gotten to know such a beautiful, loving couple.