Bohemian Desert Elopement

I've always loved the idea of elopements. I love simplicity, and the recognition that a wedding is all about the two of you. And using a beautiful landscape like a rocky desert as the backdrop while you commit to each other for life is a glorious option. No decorations necessary.

I worked with an amazing Arizona team on this one. These artists are the real deal and I count myself extremely lucky. 

Dress: Saint Isabel | Florals: Butterfly Petals | Hair and makeup: Heather Ferguson | Couple: Heather Ferguson and Joshua Ilia

Priscila and Dave at the Parkway Museums. Philadelphia Engagement Photographer

If I had to describe my photography style in one word, it would be thoughtful. So I was excited when Priscila reached out because she's exactly the same way. We talked in length about her style beforehand and it was so much fun planning out the shoot together. She's a smart minimalist with an appreciation for interesting shapes, patterns, and symmetry. We went to the Rodin Museum and the Philadelphia Museum of Art where their modern look could really shine against the backdrop of Classic French and Greek Revival Architecture.

Priscila and Dave were so sweet with each other throughout the shoot and so pumped to be engaged. Dave shut down an entire rooftop restaurant in NYC to propose to this girl. Congratulations to this gorgeous, loving couple!