Mid Century Modern Anniversary Shoot . Upstate NY Anniversary Photographer

Aoife and Taylor have known each other since they were children and have been a couple for over a decade! They're business owners and new parents to an adorable baby girl. They love to make things together, travel all over the world, and are adorably physical with one another--often wrestling and throwing each other around during the shoot. They're both comedians in their own right, but Taylor was taking the lead cracking us all up throughout the session.

These two are complementary personalities and forces in each other's lives, always encouraging the other to grow and succeed. Aoife wanted to document what their relationship looks like right now, saying "In 50 years I hope we are still dancing. I know there will be lots of ups and downs and some adventures mixed in too. I hope these photos remind us of everything we are and everything that is truly important in our lives. I am sure we will look back and think those were the easy days. And maybe in some ways they are/were." Their snowy lifestyle shoot in Upstate New York had a relaxed yet sophisticated modern vibe.

Hair and Makeup by Upstyle | Wardrobe Styling by AOK Style + Planning