Siesta Key Anniversary . Florida Wedding Photographer

Will and Mia got married just a year ago on this very beach. They're both in education, but she's also the photographer behind Little Hummingbird. Their meaningful session was right up my alley. As I packed up my gear to head for the beach, it started to pour like a hurricane. The water and winds ate into their session for about twenty minutes while we waited anxiously. It finally cleared. Then to our surprise, everything went white. The sky and the sea matched the bleached quartz sand. And then the sun broke through the clouds and did this epic Michelangelo thing. As we moved to the rocks, everything turned gold. Later, when Mia and Will went for a swim in the gulf of Mexico, the sky changed again into a myriad of deep pinks. This session reminded me why I love photography so much. Between getting to work with awesome, adventurous people who are up for anything, and the unpredictably of light, this shoot was idyllic. I can't imagine a more special setting for their anniversary.